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Product Care:

Candles need a little TLC.  Keep your candles neat and tidy so, they continuously burn and give you that new candle feeling with every light!

Here are some simple steps to keep your candle in tip top shape.

**Please allow candle to burn 2 to 3 hours on your initial burn, to build a melting pool and prevent from tunneling. 

**Trim your wicks! -candles burn seamlessly and evenly, when wicks are cut to 1/4. (This also prevents unnecessary burn smoke).

**Never burn your candle more than 4 hours at a time. 

**Please note that "sink holes" are a common occurrence with natural soy wax.(That's how you know we are not playing when we say 100% natural) If for any reason you experience any other defects or have difficulty during burning, please let us know!

And PLEASE feel free to Enjoy, Reuse and Repurpose your jars! Stop burning when your candle reaches 1/2 inch in wax remaining. 

Customer Satisfaction:

LMH candles are made in small batches with love. Our focus is to continue to spread that positive uplifting bright light that Lucille shared with every person she came in contact with.

LMH hopes that our customers will recommend their experience with our candle company to their family and friends.

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